Terry N. Bosserman


e-mail: terry@profloind.com

skype: tnboss95

WhatsApp: +1.419.722.2879

Operations Manager

e-mail: ops@profloind.com

Terry L. Bosserman

Chris Dukes

Director of New Product and Business Development

e-mail: chris@profloind.com.

Production and Quality Director

e-mail: aaron@profloind.com

Aaron Butler

Brad Bloomfield

Warranty and After Sales Support Director

e-mail: brad@profloind.com

Parts Room Manager

e-mail: eric@profloind.com

Eric Roberts

Ashley Perkins

Purchasing Manager

e-mail: ashley@profloind.com

Administrative Director

e-mail: cheryl@profloind.com

Cheryl Titus

Meliza Durango

Inside Sales Director

e-mail: meliza@proflolatam.com


e-mail: cathy@profloind.com

Cathy Smith

Tania R. Bercaw

Operations Assistant

e-mail: tania@profloind.com

Parts Room Assistant

e-mail: tina@profloind.com

Tina Martin

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