Terry N. Bosserman


e-mail: tbosserman@profloind.com

skype: tnboss95

WhatsApp: +1.419.722.2879

Vice President of Sales

e-mail: tlbosserman@profloind.com

Terry L. Bosserman

Brad Bloomfield

Warranty and After Sales Support Director

e-mail: bbloomfield@profloind.com

Parts Room Manager

e-mail: eroberts@profloind.com

Eric Roberts

Tyler Porter

Inside Sales Director

e-mail: tporter@profloind.com

Inside Sales Representative

e-mail: cmckinniss@profloind.com

Colin McKinniss

Tania R. Bercaw

Operations Assistant

e-mail: tbercaw@profloind.com

AP Specialist

e-mail: abuder@primeflight.com

Autumn Buder

Courtney Crawford

Supply Chain Manager

e-mail: ccrawford@profloind.com

Shop Foreman

e-mail: jbetancourt@profloind.com

Juan Betancourt

Shawn Deaton

Special Projects Coordinator

e-mail: sdeaton@profloind.com

Production Manager

e-mail: wschroeder@profloind.com

Wilson Schroeder

Matthew Purdy

Field Service Technician

e-mail: mpurdy@profloind.com

Field Service Technician

e-mail: dblair@profloind.com

Dwayne Blair

Greg Coldren

Quality Control Manager

e-mail: gcoldren@profloind.com