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New 10,000 Gallon Jet A Refueler2023-01-16T23:21:05+00:00

Project Description

(2) New 1,200 Gallon Rampservicers

ProFlo Industries has two new 1,200 gallon rampservicers configured for dispensing gasoline and diesel in stock and available for immediate delivery. Pricing is available by emailing [email protected].

-2023 Isuzu NPR HD Chassis

-Diesel Engine

-Automatic Transmission

-Fire Suppression System

-1,200 Gallon (600/600 Split) Stainless Steel Product Tank

-(2) Blackmer TXD2A Product Pumps

-Filtration System for Gasoline and Diesel

-(2) Meters w/Electronic Registration, Cellular Modem and Electronic Ticket Printer

-RFID Fuel Management System

-(2) Electric-Rewind Hose Reels w/OPW Auto-Shutoff Nozzles

-Dual Product Bottom Loading System w/Primary and Secondary High-Level Shutoff

-Stage 1 Vapor Recovery for Gasoline Compartment

-Scully Intellicheck3 System

-Brake Interlock System, (2) Fire Extinguishers, Tank Fall Protection, Front Cattleguard Style Bumper, Emergency Fuel Shutoff System, Static Grounding Reel