800 GPM (3,000 LPM) Hydrant Dispenser

//800 GPM (3,000 LPM) Hydrant Dispenser
800 GPM (3,000 LPM) Hydrant Dispenser2019-03-27T13:17:30+00:00

Project Description

800 GPM (3,000 LPM) Hydrant Dispenser

  • New Isuzu NPR HD Chassis w/Gasoline Engine and Automatic Transmission
  • New 4” Wrap-Around Inlet Hose w/Refurbished 4” API Coupler
  • 5th Edition Filter Separator Vessel w/Water Defense and New Latest Edition Elements
  • Refurbished Liquid Controls Meter w/New LCR-600 Register Head
  • Mid-Mount Hydraulic Fueling Platform w/(2) New Fueling Hoses and Refurbished Nozzles
  • Single-Wrap Side Reel w/New Fueling Hose and Refurbished Nozzle
  • Product Recovery Tank
  • Stainless Steel Sense and Drain Lines
  • New Control System Installed

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