1812, 2019

We just added a 1999 3,000 gallon (11,350 liter) Jet refueler to our used inventory

The truck is built on an International chassis with a stainless steel tank and a 300 GPM (1,135 LPM) dispensing system with underwing and overwing capability and an additive injection system. ProFlo Industries has the largest selection of second hand refueling equipment in the world and refurbishes more units than any other supplier in the USA. Contact us for details at

1312, 2019

A new 450 GPM (1,700 LPM) JIG-spec MicroDispense

A new 450 GPM (1,700 LPM) JIG-spec MicroDispenser complete and shipping to Saudi Arabia for our friends at The Arabian Petroleum Supply Co (APSCO). The unit is built on a Ford F350 chassis with a module constructed from stainless steel with fixed fueling platforms designed to fuel A318-A321 and B737-900 aircraft. Thank you to APSCO for your business! hashtag#b737 hashtag#aircraft hashtag#aviationnews hashtag#fuel hashtag#jetfuel hashtag#refuel

1012, 2019

Employee Spotlight: As Engineering Manager, Jose Luis Buitrago Turca

Employee Spotlight: As Engineering Manager, Jose Luis Buitrago Turca is responsible for overseeing all engineering activities for ProFlo Industries and ProFlo LATAM. Jose Luis excels in electronics and electrical engineering and leading the team of engineers at ProFlo LATAM. Jose Luis is well respected by everyone at ProFlo for his logical thinking and problem solving skills. In his free time, Jose Luis enjoys traveling (especially to rural areas in Ohio), cold weather sports and activities, practicing to further improve his self proclaimed mastery of the English language and frequenting Ibis hotels.

612, 2019

Our New Product Development Director, Chris Dukes is in Pohnpei

Our New Product Development Director, Chris Dukes is in Pohnpei, Micronesia this week inspecting a fleet of refuelers and discussing upcoming projects for Vital Energy Micronesia. Thank you to Vital FSM Petrocorp for your continued business!

512, 2019


ProFlo Industries is hiring for a number of full time positions including welders/fabricators, electrical controls technicians, general laborers, mechanics and traveling field service technicians. We offer competitive pay, a positive work environment, opportunity for advancement and growth as well as full benefits packages. Positions other than the field service technicians would be based out of our Alvada, Ohio location. For more information or to submit a resume, please email hashtag#hiring hashtag#jobopening hashtag#jobseekers hashtag#wearehiring hashtag#welding

512, 2019

A new 450 GPM (1,700 LPM) towable hydrant cart

A new 450 GPM (1,700 LPM) towable hydrant cart built by our friends at ProFlo LATAM and shipping to Thailand. The unit includes a fixed fueling platform with collapsible handrails to eliminate the need for mobile fueling stairs. # hashtag#fueling hashtag#gse hashtag#airports hashtag#aviationindustry hashtag#jetfuel