20K JP-8 Refueler to Jordanian Airforce

A new 20,000 Liter JP-8 refueler preparing to ship to Amman, Jordan for the Royal Jordanian Air Force.  We are proud to have been selected for the past three years as their preferred supplier and also have additional units in production for delivery later this year.

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New ProFlo Industries, 1,000 gallon towable bowser for Jet A

A new ProFlo Industries, 1,000 gallon towable bowser for Jet A.  The unit was built with a double-wall aluminum tank and an electric powered pumping system for overwing fueling and defueling.  It also includes a canister style filtration system approved to EI 1581 5th Edition, Cat M, Type S by FAUDI Aviation [...]

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High-Quality Refueler and Hydrant Dispenser modules

Our partnership with ProFlo LATAM S.A.S. in Rio Negro, Colombia allows us to offer high-quality refueler and hydrant dispenser modules for integration at our factory in the USA or at the end user's location.  Units are readily available and built in accordance with JIG, NFPA and ATA 103 standards. [...]

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