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5K Jet A1 Refueler to Ghana Oil Company Limited

ProFlo Industries is in Accra, Ghana this week commissioning a refurbished 5,000 gallon (18,925 liter) Jet A1 refueler and also providing training on operation and maintenance to our friends at GHANA OIL COMPANY LIMITED.  Thank you to GOIL for your continued support!

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5,000 gallon Jet A refueler

A new 5,000 gallon Jet A refueler completed and shipping to North Dakota. The truck is equipped with a 300 GPM (1,135 LPM) dispensing system, overwing and underwing fueling, defuel, filter separator for pre-mixed fuel and a LCR-600 electronic register head. Thank you to our friends at Northdale Oil Inc. [...]

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5K Jet Refueler 2007

A refurbished 2007 5,000 gallon (18,925 liter) jet refueler complete and shipping to our friends at Ft Collins-Loveland jetcenter. The unit is equipped with a 300 GPM (1,135 LPM) dispensing system for Jet A with one singlepoint reel and dual overwing reels. Additional features include electronic meter registration with large digital displays, [...]

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